Ranger has found a home of sorts...

We have provided a home to this handsome fellow since July 9, 2000,
when our niece rescued him from traffic on a busy street
in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The first time we asked a dog handler
what breed he was, she said "chow" and something else, and didn't say
Staffordshire Terrier or pit bull mix.

We somehow manage to provide him with a sunny and secure
postage stamp outdoor area, and his somewhat ongoing
aggressiveness toward other dogs when on leash makes it difficult
and risky to walk him. However, he is not vicious. Off leash, his
first instinct is to play with other dogs, and even on leash, he adjusts
to strange dogs given a little time.

You'll love this guy. He is exemplary, mix or purebred we're not sure,
but definitely kind, responsive and bursting with friendly energy.

First pictures:

Ranger in Bedroom

Ranger on Road

Ranger on Lot

Ranger in Kitchen

Links to more pictures:

Resting Ranger

Moving Ranger

Ranger Supine

Ranger Blur

Church Family, 11-26-2000, 06-23-2001, 03-14-2002, 03-17-2002

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